In a roundup of this week’s news, industry-leading payment facilitators are continuing to expand their core services to make payments simpler for small businesses as well as individuals. We also report on companies announcing two different approaches to pop-up sellers.

California-based startup xPressTap launched a pilot of its merchant payment solution, Tap2App. It says the solution allows NFC-enabled phones to operate as card readers, eliminating the need for separate hardware, such as dongles. The company said it is targeting all sizes of sellers, including “on-the-go” merchants such as food trucks and outdoor event hosts.

Leading payment facilitator Shopify is going the separate hardware route, announcing that the POS hardware it calls its Chip & Swipe Reader is now available to all of its U.S. merchants. The company designed the reader in-house and introduced it to select retailers in April. Among the features it touts for small businesses is the ability to sell anywhere – including in pop-up locations – because it is small and wireless.

Separately, Shopify also said that it has crossed a milestone, now enabling payments for 500,000 online stores.

In another partnership announcement, PayPal said that it is working with Skype to enable users in 22 countries to send money within their Skype mobile app.

And Mastercard announced that it is extending its partnership with PayPal to the Asia Pacific region. Consumers within APAC will be able to easily add their Mastercard cards to PayPal and choose them as their default payment option, and PayPal will use Mastercard’s tokenization services. The agreement also adds Masterpass as a payment option for those merchants that use Braintree to process payments.

European bank Klarna, which is also a payment facilitator, has released a new peer-to-peer payment service it calls “Wavy.” It allows users to transfer money in euros across 31 European markets.

Dutch payments platform and PF Adyen is enabling payments for ofo, a station-free bike-sharing platform. The partnership enables users to use a single set of payment credentials to pay in local currency within the ofo app anywhere ofo offers its bike-sharing services.

USA Technologies, a payment facilitator and provider of payments services for self-service retail, is providing technology for the U.S. leg of rock band Phoenix’s tour. The band is selling its merchandise through vending machines. Fans can pay for their swag using credit cards or mobile wallets.

GlobalOnePay announced that InvoiceASAP is using its recently launched payment facilitator platform to enable small and medium-sized businesses to easily accept digital payments. Through its relationship with GlobalOnePay, InvoiceASAP will now be able to provide frictionless boarding to its electronic invoicing merchant clients.