This week, we talk with Carl Perry, developer lead at Square. Perry will deliver the keynote at next week’s Payment Facilitator Day, a full day of focused content at ETA’s TRANSACT.

In this conversation with, he talks about some of the trends that are shaping the role of a developer in the PF space.

Developers are striving to build solutions for sellers that enable them to connect with buyers in a fast-moving environment. Doing so is increasingly complicated as payments expand beyond traditional channels such as in-store or over the web. The pace of technology advancement means that many developers also must figure out how to incorporate payments accepted through, for example, chatbots or kiosks, he said.

“The hard part for a developer in the payment facilitator space is their need to keep up with this existing and fast-growing set of payment capabilities,” Perry said.

Adding to the complexity, he says, is the fact that a developer working with a payment facilitator is usually asked to build not just a payments solution, but also the other business functions that are closely tied to it.

“It’s all of it together that makes it beautiful, differentiated, amazing, and so payment facilitators and developers in the space oftentimes have to do other things that make this easy,” he said.

“I think the thing that is most important to developers is how they can solve the problems they’re being asked to in a very simple way. And those problems are not getting easier from a complexity and breadth perspective,” he continued.

You can hear more from Carl Perry on Square’s approach to these challenges in this week’s podcast and next week during Payment Facilitator Day.