In this week’s podcast, we talk to Jason Oxman, CEO of the Electronic Transactions Association. ETA is a nonprofit trade association for the payments industry. On Thursday (Oct. 20), the organization is releasing its new payment facilitator guidelines at its 2016 Strategic Leadership Forum in Palm Beach, Fla.

The document is intended to serve as a toolkit for best practices related to fraud detection and prevention, Oxman said.

In the podcast, he shares the background behind the guidelines – which are available only to ETA members – and reasons why the organization felt that now is the time to develop a comprehensive set of best practices and protocols for payment facilitators.

“Payment facilitators have quickly become the core of the sales channel for new payments technology to merchants,” Oxman said.

According to Oxman, development of the guidelines represents an eagerness on the part of payment veterans to collaborate with new entrants into the payments industry.

“Payment facilitators represent real innovation and growth in our industry,” he said.

Double Diamond Group oversaw the guidelines’ creation. The document covers settlement, registration, funding delays, fraud, security and other related issues.