One barrier to entry for companies considering the payment facilitator model has been creating their own framework for enabling merchant acceptance from scratch.

In response, consultants Todd Ablowitz and Deana Rich, co-publishers of, have teamed with technology services company iClassPro to introduce Infinicept, a company that offers what they say is the first platform built specifically for payment facilitators.

The platform, known as Payment Facilitator in a Box, offers infrastructure that PFs need to get merchants up and running on their systems, including a new, proprietary underwriting tool.

PF in a Box supports frictionless underwriting, merchant onboarding and other back office operations. Payment facilitators can use the entire, integrated platform or choose the modules they would like to use, Ablowitz told

The platform’s underwriting capabilities include a social tool that supports KYC requirements by conducting an automated check of a merchant’s social media presence, a process that is becoming more common but is still often done manually, he said. The system checks a merchant’s identity against a number of social media sites and presents a score that can be evaluated alongside other KYC checks.

Ablowitz is the president of Double Diamond Group, and Rich is the president of Rich Consulting. The two began consulting with payment facilitators about five years ago, and realized that the companies were all building their platforms individually.

They saw an opportunity to use their knowledge of payment facilitators’ requirements to develop technology that all PFs could use, streamlining a process that can take a year, Ablowitz said.

Ultimately, the two collaborated with Chris McNabb, CEO of iClassPro, and his team of developers to create the product. Ablowitz and Rich had consulted with McNabb on his company’s own process of integrating a payment facilitator platform into its class management business.

“We want to add value where payment facilitators are taking development resources away from something that can positively impact their merchants and wasting them on internal development just to make the system work,” Ablowitz said.

“We’d prefer that they have their developers delighting their customers, helping them grow their customer base, and focus on getting up and running quickly,” he said.

Ablowitz described the platform as “agnostic,” enabling the PF to integrate with their preferred CRM or ERP systems and work with the acquiring bank, sponsor, or gateway of their choice.

Without giving specifics, Ablowitz said that the company already has clients up and running on the platform.

The platform officially launches this week at ETA’s TRANSACT conference.