PF platform provider Infinicept is extending its underwriting functionality to the broader merchant acquiring community.

The company has launched what it’s calling Underwriting on Demand (UWoD) to offer frictionless underwriting not only to PFs but also to acquirers, financial institutions, ISOs, and other payments providers.

The solution offers these organizations quick setup with minimal customization needed to get started, the company said. UWoD is designed with APIs and web hooks that enable businesses to integrate the capability into their existing systems. The functionality can stand alone or be used along with other Infinicept solutions.

Infinicept launched its PF platform, called Payment Facilitator in a Box, last year. The modular platform provides infrastructure that PFs need to enable their submerchants to accept payments, including support for merchant onboarding and back office operations.

“We realized with the launch and growth of PF in a Box that the innovative strategies and tactics that PFs were using to underwrite merchants are entirely applicable to any merchant business,” Todd Ablowitz, co-founder and CEO of Infinicept and payments consultancy Double Diamond Group, told PaymentFacilitator.

“Many traditional acquirers, ISOs and banks have an ISV strategy, and they need to be able to offer different merchant applications and underwriting tactics for each one. UWoD supports that.”

According to Deana Rich, Infinicept co-founder and CEO of Rich Consulting, the company designed its underwriting process to enable what she called “triggered underwriting” – the ability for PFs to choose different actions based on processing levels or events.

That same functionality is built into the UWoD system, allowing any organization to configure its underwriting process based on its own business model and risk profile.

“Our PF and non-PF companies alike embrace the need for fast, easy underwriting that they can configure to their heart’s content. The reality is that while PF is surely taking over as a dominant model for the next generation of payment acceptance, many existing companies can bridge their way to that future with functionality like we offer,” Ablowitz said.

Infinicept describes the system as “agnostic,” meaning that organizations can integrate the system with their choice of CRM as well as their own sponsor, processor or gateway.

Ablowitz and Rich are co-publishers of PaymentFacilitator.