Given how important payment facilitators are to the rapidly emerging and morphing payments landscape in 2016, it’s stunning how few places there are to explore the implications of being a PF today. Plenty of meetings and symposium exist for chatting about payments in general or virtual currencies or mobile payments, but the opportunities to really delve deeply into PF issues are practically non-existent. Until now.

If you can swing by Las Vegas on April 19,—in conjunction with Double Diamond Group, Rich Consulting and the Electronic Transactions Association—will present our version of Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About PFs, But Were Too Geeky To Ask. Officially, though, it’s dubbed simply TRANSACT 16’s Payment Facilitator Day – In Depth and On Target.

One of the most critical areas we’ll explore are the different ways PFs are impacting various verticals. That mostly splits into two categories: places where PFs are sharply improving how existing products/services are being paid for; and places where the PF model is actually creating new products/services where faster/better payments are definite, but secondary to the new service. has focused on profiling some of the most interesting PFs today—including RunSignup and Softheon—and two of those profiled executives, from Placefull and from RunSignUp, will be presenting at the event.

Other topics will including PF business financials, legal decisions and compliance fears.

Drop by to peek at our latest agenda and register. To attend Payment Facilitator Day ’16, you must have a full TRANSACT16 registration. If you haven’t already registered–the early and “super early” registrations deadlines have passed–that Transact registration will set you back anywhere from $1,195 to $1,845. To receive a $250 discount off TRANACT16, enter the promo code PF250.

Invitations are strictly for payment facilitators, prospective payment facilitators, marketplaces and ISVs interested in the payment facilitator model. Space is very limited and the event is filling up fast, so please request your invite quickly – last year it was standing room only.

Some of the anticipated event highlights:

  • Ryan Hamlin, CEO of Placefull, and Jason Diaz, CEO of TaxiPass will talk about the impact of the PF model on their vertical.
  • Holli Targan, partner at Jaffe Raitt Heuer & Weiss and Heather Mark, Director of Compliance at ProPay will delve into what you should ask your payments attorney.
  • Eric Haru, Vice President, Product Manager Risk Solutions, Merchant e-Solutions and Dan Frechtling, SVP of Marketing & Chief Product Officer at G2 Web Services will suit up for an emerging threats cage match where they will tackle compliance versus fraud.
  • Launching a PF isn’t easy. David Weiss, President of Yapstone and RunSignUp’s CFOO, Kevin Harris will discuss their experiences, along with Nick Starai, Vice President of Product Development, NMI.
  • To PF or not to PF features a discussion on business models and approaches with Laura Wagner, Founder and CEO of Digitzs and Mike Cottrell, Senior Vice President, ProPay.