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RBI Recommend Regulatory Sandbox for Fintechs; Cashless Push Gains Traction in India, Hits $2 Trillion in Transaction Value: News Roundup

The Reserve Bank of India recommends a regulatory sandbox for fintechs while the country’s push towards a cashless society gains traction with a surge to $2 trillion in transaction value. The UAE Central Bank also develops a national strategy to facilitate the push towards cashless.

Seattle Starbucks Goes Completely Cashless

The global brand that has taken the concept of “personalized” to a whole new level (half caf, 2 pump, non-fat, no whip, no foam latte) has decided to test “no cash” as part of their ever-expanding repertoire. The posh Seattle Starbucks at Second Avenue and University will no longer accept cash as a form of payment – at least for now. 

Wnet is More Relevant than Ever

Time magazine named “The Silence Breakers” its Person of the Year.  Headlines are full of disclosures about companies and the government paying huge settlements for inappropriate workplace behavior and sexual harassment of women.  The “#metoo” movement has empowered women to step forward and expose the pervasiveness of inappropriate behavior in corporations across the nation.


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