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Podcast: Square’s Developer Lead on Helping Create “Beautiful” Solutions That Span Channels

This week, we talk with Carl Perry, developer lead at Square. Perry will deliver the keynote at next week’s Payment Facilitator Day, a full day of focused content at ETA’s TRANSACT.

In this conversation with, he talks about some of the trends that are shaping the role of a developer in the PF space.

Podcast: PF Day Preview with Adyen’s Mike McGirr

This week, we talk with Mike McGirr, senior vice president, compliance and risk, for payments platform provider Adyen.

In a wide-ranging conversation, McGirr talks about Adyen’s role in the payments ecosystem. He also talks about his own roles as chair of ETA’s new Payment Facilitator Committee and moderator of an acquirer panel at the upcoming Payment Facilitator Day, part of ETA’s TRANSACT conference. And he previews some of what PFs can expect from both.

Podcast: Why MAC Needs Payment Facilitators

This week, we talk with Melissa Sutherland, director of merchant solutions for LegitScript, a compliance company. Sutherland is also deeply involved with the Merchant Acquirers’ Committee, otherwise known as MAC.

We talk with Sutherland about the benefits of MAC membership and the reasons she’s involved. She shares some of the background behind the formation of the organization. The founders, she said, wanted to feel free to share information with each other about fraud and “didn’t want to be constricted by competition.”

Podcast: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

This week, we talk with Chris Bucolo, director of market strategy for managed security service provider ControlScan, about e-commerce security.

When they take on payments, companies jump into a complex system where all parties are responsible for maintaining data security.

In some cases, payment facilitators are companies that have created applications that work well for the vertical they serve. But they may not always be aware of all the risk elements associated with that application.

Podcast: A Sneak Peek at the Upcoming MAC Conference

In this week’s podcast, we’re talking with Vadeene Sisk, chair of the Education Committee and secretary for MAC. She shares her perspective on what the organization does and how it can help payment facilitators. She also lets listeners in on highlights from some of the organization’s recent educational activities, including a popular webinar on what to expect from a Trump administration.

Podcast: Getting the Most Out of Underwriting Tools

In this week’s podcast, we talk to Marcus Smith, senior vice president of Risk Management for iPayment, a provider of payment solutions and processing services, about the tools used in underwriting submerchants.

Smith points out that while underwriting tools themselves are relatively simple, interpreting the results effectively requires some training.

Podcast: Beneficial Ownership Defined And Analyzed

As Rich Consulting president Deana Rich explains in this week’s podcast – a re-run from August 24 – the Treasury’s beneficial ownership rule announced in May will require banks to perform KYC on all owners with more than 25 percent ownership as well as the person that manages or runs the business, and banks will likely turn that extra work over to ISOs or PFs underwriting merchants or submerchants.

Podcast: Underwriting Payment Facilitators Demystified

This week we’re talking with Rich Consulting president and compliance expert Deana Rich about underwriting payment facilitators. How is it different from underwriting other entities, and what are some of the special considerations?

Acquirers who are thinking about entering a relationship with a payment facilitator need to fully understand the risks and how to control them before making the commitment, Rich said.

Podcast: What Should Payment Facilitators Know About Money Transmitters?

In this week’s podcast, we talk to attorney Theo Monroe about money service businesses, also known as money transmitters. He says that payment businesses can sometimes engage in activities that qualify as money transmission activities under federal or state law – possibly without realizing it.

Federal and state authorities view money transmitters differently, which means that payment facilitators must understand and navigate varying regulations to make sure they are operating within the law, he says.

Podcast: Comprehensive Resources for PFs in New Guidelines from ETA

In this week’s podcast, we talk to Jason Oxman, CEO of the Electronic Transactions Association. On Thursday (Oct. 20), the organization is releasing its new payment facilitator guidelines at its 2016 Strategic Leadership Forum in Palm Beach, Fla.

The document is intended to serve as a toolkit for best practices related to fraud detection and prevention, Oxman said.

Podcast: Mastering Compliance for PFs

Innovation and compliance are two terms that are not often heard together. But as Heather Mark, director of compliance at ProPay explains, payment facilitators bring a unique perspective to bear on the traditional payments industry. This can sometimes make things interesting, even for seasoned compliance professionals.

Podcast: Square Finds Success Building on its Base

As Rick Oglesby argues in this week’s podcast, Square is clearly evolving beyond its roots to a company that is able to grow along with its customers’ needs. The way it’s going about it offers some interesting perspectives for other PFs to consider.

Oglesby, principal of AZ Payments Group and a partner of Double Diamond Group, discusses why invoicing is a significant opportunity for Square, what gives the company “hooks” to help it keep customers for the long haul, and how Square benefits from a “test and learn” strategy.

Podcast: The Small Merchant’s Response to a Breach is to Pretend It Didn’t Happen

Of the seven stages of grief, the most remembered is denial. It’s certainly remembered by small merchants, who often bizarrely gravitate to denial when they are told that they have been breached. At least that’s how Chris Geron, chairman of the MAC Government Relations Committee, sees it.

The justifications for this denial are many, Geron said in this week’s podcast, a re-run from May 25. Some cling to the absurd belief that being granted a letter of PCI compliance means “that it’s not possible to be breached,” Geron said. Other small merchants react negatively to a notification from a cardbrand, bank or processor. “Small retailers often believe that if the information has not been shared with them by law enforcement, that the allegation of a breach is not true,” Geron said. And some smaller store chains believe that only large chains get breached, he said, despite the fact that the opposite is true. But the most likely reality-denying aspect is financial.

Podcast: MAC Regional Meeting Brings Together Hundreds Of Years Of Experience

In Dallas Sep. 27 the Merchant Acquirers Committee (MAC) hosts its Midwestern Regional Training meeting, one of its three regional gatherings packed with presentations and networking. Non MAC members are welcome to the all-day event that features seven sessions on topics presented by company executives from Visa, Mastercard, Rich Consulting, Mitigator, Kount, and Aperia.

Jim Bibles, vice president and chief compliance officer at Aperia and a MAC director, said in this week’s podcast that the day is capped by a roundtable moderated by himself and Rich Consulting president Deana Rich. They enable the audience to ask questions that most times are answered by someone in the room, either a moderator or audience member.

Podcast: M&A Expert Says PFs Have ‘Upside Potential’

Preston Todd Advisors is an advisory firm for companies who want to merge, acquire or sell, specifically in the payments sector. Adam T. Hark is a managing director and principal of the Boston-based company, and has much to say about the payment facilitator niche in this week’s edition of the podcast.

Hark says he thinks the traditional acquirer/ISO model is dead, and in its stead will be a model using new technologies enabling business management solutions and schemes. He says payment facilitation is not a ‘segment killer,’ replacing integrated POS or the traditional acquiring model.

Podcast: Cozy A Great Example Of A Could-Be PF

Cozy, a platform to streamline interactions between property managers and renters, just secured what it hopes is its last round of funding, an $8.5 million Series B led by American Family Ventures. The four-year-old company strives to make the renting process between independent landlords and renters simple, secure and intuitive.

In three years Cozy has worked with three payment processors –BancBox, Balanced Payments, and currently Stripe–and vice president of engineering Rob Galanakis shared on this week’s podcast the company’s trials and tribulations with the churn and the decision whether to become a payment facilitator.


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