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More Consolidation, or the Year of the PF: What Will Be the Big Payments Biz Story in 2018?

You might say that, in the payments business, last year was the year of M&A. Some of the biggest names in the payments industry acquired integrated payments capability, resulting in some interesting and significant combinations. With few logical businesses left for processors to gobble up, what happens next in this active space? Does the consolidation that happened last year mean that integrated payments are now essentially solved?

New York’s OCC Fintech Charter Lawsuit is Dismissed

As previously reported, last December saw the first public announcement from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) regarding the intent to begin accepting special purpose bank charter applications from fintech organizations. And since then, the response has been a mixed one. Most recently, a New York Department of Financial Services (DFS) lawsuit has been dismissed based largely on a “perceived lack of threat to the DFS’ own regulatory powers.”

PFs Weigh in on India’s Latest Attempts to Boost Digital Transactions

As the government of India has pursued its vision of a cashless society, it has adopted policies intended to help stakeholders shift to digital payments. Most recently, it’s been tinkering with the economics of digital transactions, looking for that elusive sweet spot where the parties – retailers and banks alike – are incentivized to help drive the transition.

WePay on Chase Acquisition: “The Same, Only Better”

As WePay Chief Strategy Officer Rich Aberman sees it, there are two primary types of acquisition plays in the payments industry.

First, there’s the kind where one payments company buys another payments company and rolls it into an existing business, for the boost in revenue or transaction volume.

Then, there’s what Chase is doing with its plans to buy WePay.


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