Editor’s note: It’s commonly known anecdotally that women are underrepresented in technology. But the numbers bring the problem into sharp relief: last year’s Harvey Nash / KPMG global survey of chief information officers found that women held just 9 percent of IT leadership roles.

In addition to being bad for company results, this lack of women at the top creates an environment where it can be difficult – yet critically important – for women to find opportunities to network with, mentor, and discuss workplace issues with other women.

Read on to learn more about one such opportunity for payment facilitators. 


By Diane Faro, Linda Perry, and Holli Targan, Founders, Wnet, and the 2018 Wnet Board of Directors

Time magazine named “The Silence Breakers” its Person of the Year.  Headlines are full of disclosures about companies and the government paying huge settlements for inappropriate workplace behavior and sexual harassment of women.  The “#metoo” movement has empowered women to step forward and expose the pervasiveness of inappropriate behavior in corporations across the nation.

Sadly, this is not news to most of us. We all know that this has been going on for decades.  The current movement could be a sea change, a reckoning and hopefully an opportunity for women to be treated as equals in every environment.  Women and men recognize the poisonous effects such conduct has on productivity and the bottom line.  Women and men understand that it is time to talk about how to end the damaging effects of such illegal behavior.

Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions, or Wnet, the organization founded to champion women in the payments industry, promotes a safe work environment for all.  Our mission has always been to empower women to reach their full potential, to educate them on how to achieve that, and to provide a network to enable them to accomplish those goals.  We have been doing this for over 12 years.  We have reached thousands of women with our programs.

We know that Wnet cannot solve the illegal conduct of some men or the harassment of women.  But we also know that we can make a difference in the lives of women in our industry.

What we can do is what we do best. 

Wnet creates a broad network of women in the payments industry by bringing women together at local and national meetings across the nation.

Wnet offers peer to peer mentoring where women can discuss workplace issues with other women in a safe environment.

Wnet hosts world class speakers and educational topics at its annual Career and Leadership Summit.

Wnet sponsors a website with valuable, inspirational information.

Wnet publishes webinars open to all on urgent, topical issues.

Wnet is powered by an all-female influential board of directors, super-star women who serve the Wnet mission as advisors, and take-charge women on committees.  These forums give women the opportunity to learn from each other, to build leadership skills — and even to have some fun.

Wnet provides the environment to ask and answer the tough questions faced by women seeking to bring greater value to their companies and themselves.

Wnet is more relevant than ever.  Women in payments, we are here to listen, support, empower and educate you. There is no better time.

Come join us now.