Being a pioneer can be a bit isolating.

The unique approaches payment facilitators have taken to their markets often mean that they have challenges – and solutions – only other PFs are likely to understand.

So while it’s true that Payment Facilitator Day at ETA’s TRANSACT will be chock-full of useful content and informative panelists sharing their knowledge about this unique space, the most valuable part of the conference may be something else altogether.

According to event organizer Todd Ablowitz, networking opportunities are explicitly baked in to the PF Day programming because that time has proven especially valuable for attendees at past events. Ablowitz is the president of Double Diamond Group and publisher of

Whether the topic is developing policies and procedures or automating business functions, there isn’t necessarily an existing roadmap that works for payment facilitators as well as it works for other types of payments providers. They’re drawing the map as they go along, Ablowitz said.

“What really strikes me is the way PFs solve business problems by taking the payment function and truly embedding it throughout their offering,” Ablowitz said. “So if you’re in the parking vertical and you’ve figured out how to tie payments information with robust information about the parking function, maybe there are ideas someone would use in healthcare. Those things come out during these conversations.”

The event’s lunch break will be set up specifically to allow attendees to talk to each other about what they’re facing – and how they’ve used their status as a payment facilitator to drive their business forward.

In addition to the time for conversations with other PFs, the event allows time to speak with PF sponsors one on one as well.

Whether they need to talk to someone about processing, gateway services or back office solutions, attendees will be able to have their specific questions answered in a low-pressure, collaborative environment, Ablowitz said.

“Maybe it’s talking about how they’re handling things operationally on a day-to-day basis or learning from some of the vendors about how their solution might make operating PFs so much easier, better, or safer, but either way, the networking time provides opportunity to discuss those issues,” Ablowitz said.