The global brand has just announced the launch of their newest POS offering: Square Terminal.

Unlike the typical legacy keypad credit card machines that Terminal was designed to replace, Square’s new POS offers all-in-one processing. With Terminal, Square is expanding its portfolio to new types of sellers that can significantly benefit from the new wireless, on-the-go device, according to the company’s press release.

Terminal allows sellers to “ring up sales, accept all forms of payment quickly and print receipts,” the company said. It targets small business sellers that use their own POS solution or manually key in their payments, according to the same release.

So, what makes it different from other wireless card terminals already in use? Terminal offers a more customer-centric display that allows for full transparency on the amount of every item purchased, versus just the total bill. Also, electronic payments can be made through Apple Pay and Google Pay from smartphones and other devices with the new Terminal functionality, according to Techcrunch.

The Verge highlights Samsung Pay and NFC as additional payment options.

“Payment terminals are everywhere, from liquor stores to dry cleaners to dentists, and with Square Terminal we can now serve these sellers better with new, elegant hardware on top of Square’s fair and secure payments service,” said Square’s Head of Hardware Jesse Dorogusker via the company’s release.

“Square Terminal is designed from the ground up to ensure a feeling of familiarity, so sellers and their customers can use it right away. With Square Terminal, we now offer a sophisticated and modern hardware-plus-software solution for every type of business,” concludes Dorogusker.