Payments processor Elavon has introduced a new program for payment facilitators that it’s calling Scoop.

The program is a co-op that supports payment facilitators with two levels of service, the company said.

Scoop gives PFs total control over their submerchant experience, including funding and onboarding.

With Scoop Direct, Elavon handles the merchant funding and oversight, while the PF takes the solution to market under its own brand.

“With Scoop, we give our PF customers the confidence that their payment processing is handled by a trusted partner with global capability, both securely and efficiently,” said Ian Drysdale, executive vice president, global eCommerce, Elavon.

“We developed this program through our close relationships with the PF community. We have seen great interest in our white-labeled branding and immediate account boarding functionality. Both Scoop and Scoop Direct are being rapidly adopted by leading organizations, gaining momentum in the marketplace.”

Elavon has made Scoop available to PFs in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe.