This week’s podcast continues our conversation with WePay Chief Strategy Officer Rich Aberman. Aberman discussed how WePay’s business model as a “partner-driven business” impacts its approach to geographic expansion.

“What has pushed us internationally is that our partners are SaaS companies that don’t have the same geographic challenges that a financial services company will have when expanding internationally,” Aberman said.

“As WePay has partnered with larger and larger companies that have broader and broader international footprints, who are either in multiple non-U.S. markets today or they themselves look at international as a lever on their own growth, we need to expand our own international footprint to make sure we can support them,” he continued.

Aberman also shares how WePay is supporting the commerce trends that affect its partners.

“Our partners care about what’s best for their merchants, and one of the things that is best for those merchants is making it as easy as possible for their customers to pay them.”