Preston Todd Advisors is an advisory firm for companies who want to merge, acquire or sell, specifically in the payments sector. Adam T. Hark is a managing director and principal of the Boston-based company, and has much to say about the payment facilitator niche in this week’s edition of the podcast.

Hark says he thinks the traditional acquirer/ISO model is dead, and in its stead will be a model using new technologies enabling business management solutions and schemes. He says payment facilitation is not a ‘segment killer,’ replacing integrated POS or the traditional acquiring model.

“It’s a scheme with much upside potential, it will be a key component of the new acquiring model,” says Hark.

He says he sees payment facilitation working best in the arena of niche verticals, ISVs, and smaller merchants. Hark also says that M&A in the acquiring space is more attractive as it matures.

“It is changing as the aggregation model continues to experience greater adoption,” Hark says.