Chris McNabb didn’t set out to run an online registration tool for children’s activity centers, he just wanted a better way to register kids for classes at his gymnastics facility. A techie but not a developer, he shopped his cloud-based solution at tradeshows around the turn of the century and in 2008 founded iClassPro.

Then, he used third party payment gateways but the hassles of the multiple gateways and extra friction “was weighing us down,” he says. Three years ago iClassPro became a payment facilitator and McNabb gained peace of mind and business growth. In this week’s edition of the podcast, McNabb explains the switch: what it solves, what the change entailed, how it has helped, and what the future holds.

“It’s so much better,” says McNabb of his now-global company. “When a customer calls in we can actually help them right there without playing the bounceback game between the processor and the gateway.”

iClassPro is just the sort of vertical business perfect for taking on payments: it solves problems for niche customers and enhances what it already offers by keeping the payment process as frictionless as possible. In turn, onboarding of new customers is similarly eased, and the result is win-win and more volume and better margins.

One of McNabb’s pieces of advice for prospective payment facilitators is to find good help when assuming payments.

“It’s really important to find really good people and consultants you can bounce ideas off of,” says McNabb.