PFs, make sure your PayPal and Visa relationships are strong. PF giant PayPal and card brand titan Visa each struck digital gold from a partnership announced last week: PayPal can be used with contactless payments because it gets access to Visa’s tokenization feature, while Visa gets access to PayPal’s 188 million users and can sell issuers on a differentiator the other brands don’t have.

Rick Oglesby, principal of AZ Payments Group and a partner of Double Diamond Group, says on this week’s podcast that frictionless speedy payment processes drives the deal on both ends. PayPal has the signups to cut down a step at checkout while Visa has the rails to decrease the time it takes for PayPal to get paid by banks.

How long before the other card brands make a similar move? That depends on exclusivity terms, but for now the two companies will maximize the gains made with their unique status. Lesser benefits of the deal include PayPal users being able to transfer funds to their PayPal accounts from Visa cards and more detailed transaction statements resulting perhaps in fewer customer service calls to PayPal and retailers.

Oglesby says a change in leadership at both firms nudged the deal forward as well as settlement on financial terms each liked; cheaper ACH processing rates gave PayPal little incentive to offer its users a card brand option that cost more to process.