Financial technology company and payment facilitator iZettle has launched iZettle E-commerce – the company’s all-in-one and on-the-go ecommerce platform targeting small businesses in Europe and Latin America.

The company, often referred to as “the Square of Europe,” targets this rollout as an extension of its strategy to enhance its commerce platform by offering a wider range of affordable options for small businesses, according to the company’s press release. With iZettle E-commerce, merchants can sell in-store, online and on-the-go all from one place. This includes social media, blogs and existing websites.

“This is iZettle’s biggest product launch since 2011 and it is a huge moment for us,” says Jacob de Geer, CEO and co-founder at iZettle, via the same release. “Today’s consumers expect businesses to be present both offline and online, and half of iZettle’s users currently don’t have an online shop and the other half struggle with different complex online systems. iZettle E-commerce solves these problems, helping small businesses find new customers and sell more – all from one place.”

The same release reports that 2017 ecommerce sales volume is estimated at approximately €77 billion (about US$94 billion) in the UK – this being one of iZettle’s key markets.

The company’s plans to launch iZettle E-commerce in Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, France and the Netherlands are slated for later this spring. The product is currently available in the UK and Sweden.