One of the six sessions at last month’s 2nd Annual Payment Facilitator Day at the ETA TRANSACT 2016 in Las Vegas was titled “New Verticals in Payments: Why The PF Model Makes It Happen,” and featured Double Diamond Group president Todd Ablowitz and executives who have successfully added payment facilitating to their toolboxes.

As heard on this week’s podcast, Ablowitz provided eye-popping growth numbers and made it clear just how many software as a service vendors could benefit from becoming a payment facilitator: nearly 13,000 that could add not only value to merchants but boost their margins.

The discussion emphasized that reduced chargebacks for the vendor and differentiation and efficiency for merchants are just two of the benefits for both parties. But the panelists, including Jason Diaz, CEO of TaxiPass, and Ryan Hamlin, founder of Placefull, also were adamant that because of the billions now invested in Fintech, adding value and efficiency is necessary to compete and evolution should be a daily task.