PaymentFacilitator’s News Roundup is a curated mix of the past week’s news and articles from around the web, including company announcements, global payments news, and other coverage and analysis of topics relevant to payment facilitators.


New to the Ecosystem

Paytm launches PayPay – a smartphone-based settlement service that marks the company’s official entrance into Japan’s payments ecosystem. Built around Paytm’s proprietary QR-code technology, PayPay aims to promote the use of cashless among Japan’s local consumers with all the conveniences that come with mobile-wallet commerce. From Entrepreneur Asia Pacific.

Security Enhancements

Stripe enhances security at the employee level. Already in fundraising mode on a $20 billion-dollar valuation, the company has recently hired Niels Provos away from Google. Selected as the new head of security, Provos was hired to reinforce a global message that Stripe is taking the security of its cloud-based services very seriously. From Techcrunch.


All Things India  

Demonetization strengthens India’s e-payments surge.  Argued by some as a failed attempt that actually hindered India’s growth rate, the Modi government’s demonetization regulation has actually lifted e-payments by one percentage point more than originally anticipated. From Financial Express.

The RBI issues dissent note in response to government recommendations for separate payments regulator. In short, the Reserve Bank India (RBI) feels “there is no case of having a regulator for payment systems outside the RBI.” The strongly worded document has been made public and upholds the belief that the current model is both stable and effective and, consequently, should not be tampered with. From Bloomberg.


 Fintech Forward

JPMorgan opens new fintech campus in the heart of Silicon Valley. Located in Palo Alto and scheduled to open in 2020, the new campus will house 1,000 employees, including the entire WePay team that JPMorgan acquired last year. Plans for the new campus include an “innovation hub” and “state-of-the art technology to increase collaboration.” From CNBC.


Industry News

BluePay and ID Tech Partner to Offer Integrated Mobile EMV Processing Solution

USA Technologies to Showcase USALive 2.0 at Money 20/20

Sphere, The Leader in Integrated Payments, Launches at Money 20/20

American Express & PayPal Announce Expanded Strategic Partnership

Stripe + Twilio <Pay>

Signing Off: Mastercard Moves Beyond Signatures Worldwide

ClassWallet and GoFundMe Announce Partnership to Align Teachers and Districts on Fundraising Efforts

TRANSACT Tech San Francisco to Examine the Impact of Software Providers on the Payments Industry

HATCX Selects InstaMed to Power the Consumer Healthcare Payments Experience

First Data, Bank of America Merchant Services Unveil BlueSnaps Innovative Payments Platform for Business