PaymentFacilitator’s News Roundup is a curated mix of the past week’s news and articles from around the web, including company announcements, global payments news, and other coverage and analysis of topics relevant to payment facilitators.


Africa Speeds Up Digital Drive

Paystack looks to become the Stripe of Africa. The Africa-based payments startup has secured $8 million in their Series A – including investments from Visa, Tencent and Stripe. Traditionally a fall-behind country in the realm of digital payments, companies like Paystack (with ambitions to become “the Stripe of Africa”) are putting Africa on the map as the cashless momentum continues. From Techcrunch.

PayU targets high-growth markets. And this includes Africa according to PayU CEO Karen Nadasen. According to Nadasen, the cross-border market is projected to grow to almost $1 trillion by 2020 and PayU intends to support this surge. From ITWebAfrica.


Payments Going Public

Adyen reports first earnings as a public company. And the momentum is still going strong. Revenue is up 67.3 percent for the first half of the year and the company is on track to grow processed volumes by 50 percent by the close of 2018. One of the main reasons for the boost? Adyen’s most recent move into physical transactions. From Techcrunch.


Innovation and Enhancements

PayPal enhances payments via their mobile app. The global brand is focused on enhancing the customer experience of their in-app money transfer service. With the new enhancements, customers will be able to send and request money more efficiently and transparently. From PayPal.


Industry News

Double Diamond Group and Rich Consulting Launch Strategic Partnership with ControlScan to Help PFs Easily Tackle PCI

70% of Businesses Want a Single Payment Provider According to New Mercator Advisory Group Survey Announces Integrated Merchant Services at 5th Annual Client Summit Event

PCI SSC Launches Payment Security Tool to Help Small Merchants