In a roundup of news from this week, Mastercard comments on Samsung iris scanning technology, Wirecard acquires South African payments provider, and Alipay expands its reach again.

As Samsung unveiled its Galaxy 8 phone this week, Mastercard issued a statement on the device’s iris scanning technology. The ability to authenticate transactions using this phone with an iris scan adds to the biometric capabilities offered by Mastercard Identity Check Mobile, otherwise known as Selfie Pay, the company said. The phone will be released in April.

German payment facilitator Wirecard has acquired South African payments service provider MyGate Communications. MyGate enables merchants across Africa to accept online card payments online.

Wirecard said that the MyGate acquisition is speeding its African expansion. The acquired company supplements the services already provided by Wirecard’s South African subsidiary.

“In future, African merchants will receive a comprehensive payment solution along the entire value-added chain from a single source,” the company said in a press release.

Visa and B2B payments provider Viewpost have teamed up to offer virtual Visa card payments to Viewpost’s small and medium-sized business clients. Viewpost will enable suppliers to receive one-time Visa card numbers in payment for invoices.

Payments provider Payline has launched a new payment facilitator platform, Payline I/O. The platform is a payments API for B2B companies.

“Payline I/O provides software platforms the ability to control when and to whom funds are disbursed through a technique called dynamic funding,” said Justin Louie, head of product for Payline, in a press release. “While Payline I/O does support next-day funding, software platforms may have a unique workflow and desire the ability to settle funds after an event occurs. This also allows the software platform to pay themselves, and their users more quickly.”

According to a report in the Borneo Post, the Alipay mobile wallet is now expanding into Malaysia with an agreement between Alipay parent company Ant Financial and Malaysian bank CIMB Bank. Chinese tourists will be able to make payments in Malaysia at locations including hotel and resort locations and convenience store chain FamilyMart.