The Church of England is going cashless with the help of PFs iZettle and SumUp.

The church announced this week that a partnership with the two companies would enable churches across England to accept cashless payments for events, church and hall bookings, and one-off donations.

The church’s Parish Buying portal will provide more than 16,000 churches, cathedrals and other religious sites with access to portable card readers, the church said in a press release.

“There is a clear need for our parishes to introduce card and contactless facilities and we are excited to make this available through Parish Buying.  How we pay for things is changing fast, especially for younger church-goers, who no longer carry cash, and we want all generations to be able to make the most of their place of worship,” said John Preston, national stewardship officer of the Church of England.

“Working with an institution as prestigious as the Church of England is a real privilege. Whether it’s helping parishes streamline the wedding planning process or the running of the church fete, this relationship opens up all kinds of opportunities for the Church of England,” said Marc-Alexander Christ, co-founder of SumUp.

“We’re thrilled to support the Church of England and believe this to be a match made in heaven. Using iZettle, church-goers now have the choice to pay and make contributions in whatever way suits them best – whether it is by cash, card, mobile or wearable technology – which will benefit both the church and its visitors,” said Johan Bendz, chief strategy and communication officer at iZettle.

According to SumUp, the partnership will use its card terminal in conjunction with the SumUp app.

This broader rollout follows a trial that began last summer, the church said. It is continuing to trial technology that enables self-serve donations, including the use of a card reader for the collection during services. The church expects to launch this capability more broadly during a second phase of its project.

iZettle is a Stockholm-based fintech provider serving Europe and Latin America. London-based SumUp provides mobile POS services to businesses in Europe.