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M&A Momentum

The value of ecommerce mergers and acquisitions continues to grow. In fact, reports that global deals in 2018 increased by $20 billion over the previous year, while transaction volume remained flat. Ecommerce company Motorsport Network came in as the leader ranked by the pure number of executed deals with 17 disclosed acquisitions in 2018, while Alibaba came in fifth with 10. From The Paypers

What’s Up With WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Pay is still in pending status for the India launch. How could this be the case after so many months (the original rollout being February of last year)? It seems the Facebook-owned instant messaging app is still in beta mode and not compliant with data regulations in India. Meanwhile, other competitive brands such as Google, PayPal and Amazon have successfully accommodated the data localization regulations and have far surpassed the once-favored leader of the pack. From

The Quick Response Edit

Japan speeds up momentum on JPQR. The proprietary ticker for the country’s standardized specifications for QR-based payments, JPQR is slated to support the spread of cashless payments in Japan. The main reason here is convenience. Currently, there are several payment providers utilizing different QR codes in the marketplace. This can be challenging for retailers, as scanning the wrong code can result in a myriad of mistakes or other problems. With the standardization, businesses will be able to use a single QR code for multiple payment providers. From The Japan News

Fintech Forward

Fintech startups grab the attention of investors in India. A thriving breeding ground for many fintech startups, India’s digital marketplace has given birth to several successful payment technology companies – many of which are now catching the eye of investors. Leading the pack right now is Paytm, who attracted the attention of Japanese investor SoftBank. From Entrepreneur India

Industry News

ASI: ASI and Global Payments Announce Payment Processing Partnership

SpotOn: SpotOn Debuts New Appointments Platform at 2019 America’s Beauty Show

PayPal: PayPal Announces Investment in Ellevest

Grab: Grab’s New One-north Headquarters to House up to 3,000 Employees and Its Largest R&D Centre

Klarna: Klarna launches Open Banking Platform

Fundbox: Fundbox Expands Partnership with Synchrony to Make Credit Available to Small Businesses

Wirecard: With Magento Extensions, Businesses Globally Benefit from Wirecard’s Digital Platform

Insight Partners: PayIt Receives Investment from Insight Partners to Accelerate Digitization of Government Payments