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Reining It In

India tweaks ecommerce regulations again. The budding digital dynasty is at it again with new and improved ecommerce regulations that impact retail giants and Walmart-owned Flipkart directly. As part of the overhaul, specific focus will be placed on data localization, improved privacy safeguards and standards to address and combat counterfeit sales. From Reuters.

Innovation at Its Best

Africa makes the listX 10. American business magazine Fast Company just revealed its list of the 10 most innovative African companies to watch in 2019. Winners were selected based on the category of “those making the most profound impact on both industry and culture.” Of notable mention on the list, payment facilitator Flutterwave makes the cut. From CNN.

Digital Download

Mexico turns to digital to service the unbanked. The current administration recently announced plans to service the unbanked (more than half of the current population) with digital payment systems run and built by the central bank. This will enable unbanked locals to make and receive payments through their smartphones for free. From Yahoo Finance.

Six major cities fight back against war on cash. While the cashless momentum seems to be going full speed ahead, there are some places that feel eliminating cash completely could cause more harm than good. Of these six cities (including Chicago, New York City and San Francisco), almost all have either issued either some bill or ordinance for review stating the un-or-under-banked economy stands to suffer greatly should cash disappear completely. From Fast Company

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