Getting to the airport is not necessarily an easy thing to do. Driving yourself isn’t always practical, nor is it always pleasant after a long flight. Public transportation and shuttles can be difficult to schedule; you have to work with available times, and pick-up and drop-off points may not always be nearby.

GoOpti is looking to change all that, in an expanding number of locations across Europe.

GoOpti is a marketplace, connecting riders to local transportation companies with whom the company contracts. GoOpti handles the booking and takes a commission, the company tells The drivers work for the transportation companies.

Passengers can book rides online, selecting from a menu of available routes or requesting customized options that will take them to and from specific addresses.

The company currently operates in Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia, according to its web site. Regular transfers travel between area airports and bus and rail stations.

GoOpti passengers can also choose from shared and private rides. For shared rides, pricing is reduced for passengers who are more flexible on their pickup and arrival times. The company’s software optimizes the timing and the number of passengers for each transfer.

The company says it is expanding to more cities in Austria, Germany and Italy, and is planning to enter Spain next year. It says it has received €4.4 million in funding – €2.9 million last October and an additional €1.5 million in July from a Horizon 2020 grant – and is currently raising series B funding to continue to expand.