Wondering what to do with your kids this summer? You could Google “summer camp” and your location, and then take your chances with what you find. Or you could try Cubspot.

The marketplace with the cute name provides parents with an easier way to find camps, lessons and enrichment activities in their area. It made its debut just last year.

Cubspot launched its latest feature, a new service called CubCierge, on Tuesday. The service enables parents to book and pay for activities through the site, for a service fee.

With CubCierge, Cubspot will complete the enrollment forms and add the activity to the parent’s personal dashboard, Cubspot CEO Rachael Shayne told PaymentFacilitator.com.

Cubspot has partnered with Stripe to manage payments as it ramps up the site, but will consider taking over the task itself at some point far down the road, Shayne said. For booking transactions, Cubspot is the merchant of record, receiving the payment from the cardholder and in turn paying the activity provider.

Shayne said that Cubspot’s competitors are primarily located on the coasts, and use a different model that is more provider-focused.

“We are parents and want this system to work for us and the providers. It can be done but no one is building like we are,” she said.

For parents, Cubspot streamlines the task of finding and booking activities for their kids. It enables them to add activities to their calendars and share interesting programs by email or using social media.

For activity providers, the site aggregates reviews from other sites such as Facebook and Yelp, provides data on the popularity of their offerings, and helps them market themselves efficiently, Shayne said.

A future booking and payments software offering will also save on processing fees for providers, she said. In addition, “they won’t have to be directly in charge of managing payments — Cubspot’s software will take care of it for them,” she said.

The company currently only lists activity providers in Colorado, where it is located. In addition to expanding geographically, the company plans to incorporate machine learning to help parents identify the best options. It also plans to add a provider dashboard for sharing useful analytics.