When banking giant Chase acquired WePay last year, the companies said that WePay would continue operating autonomously, bringing its technological expertise as well as its “DNA” to the relationship.

This week’s news from BigCommerce appears to bear that out for now.

As part of a broader relationship with Chase, the e-commerce provider announced that it is working with WePay to enable immediate onboarding of merchants.

The overall relationship enables small and mid-sized retailers using the BigCommerce platform to accept Chase Pay at their online stores, the company said. It will also offer its merchants WePay as an integrated payment option.

In November, WePay Chief Strategy Officer Rich Aberman told PaymentFacilitator that Chase was buying his company based on where they think the market is going.

“I think Chase kind of looks at where they are, in a market-leading position, but also looks at where the puck is going, and knows that, to compete there, they need a different approach to technology and risk management,” he said then.

The Chase offerings, including WePay, will make transacting easier for BigCommerce retailers, the company said, speeding both checkout and the ability to accept payments.

“Checkout optimization represents one of the single biggest challenges that online retailers continue to face. One way that BigCommerce is driving superior conversion rates is by giving merchants and their consumers access to the industry’s most trusted payments technologies,” Russell Klein, chief development officer at BigCommerce, said in the press release.

“Not only does WePay simplify and speed up the checkout process on merchant sites, but as part of the Chase family, it gives consumers more confidence in their online purchase decisions.”

Chase and WePay will be available to BigCommerce retailers by summer, the company said.