allpago, one of Latin America’s leading payment facilitators, is using a real estate golden rule to achieve stunning growth, mirroring PF growth in the region. Enabling companies globally to do business and accept payments across Latin America, allpago uses locally-preferred credit cards and alternative payment methods via location-based checkout, and recently achieved 150 percent annual growth in transaction volume.

Double Diamond Group president Todd Ablowitz says allpago’s dominance is further proof of the power of payment facilitators.

“Latin America is exploding in payments overall and in the payment facilitator market specifically,” Ablowitz says. “The number of payment facilitators in Latin America has nearly doubled since January with more than 155 percent growth over the last three years. We expect it to continue to grow at an outsize pace for the foreseeable future.”

Helped by ACI Worldwide, a leading global provider of real-time electronic payment and banking solutions, allpago credits in part ACI’s Up eCommerce Payments with its success.

“Merchants often view the complex, country-level payments landscape as a barrier to entry,” says Markus Rinderer, senior vice president, ACI Worldwide. ”By leveraging the UP eCommerce Payments solution, allpago allows merchants with global ambitions to easily offer the necessary local payment methods to their customers, which translates into higher conversion rates and increased sales in growing markets throughout the dynamic Latin America region—and across the globe.”

“Our products and services, coupled with the UP eCommerce Payments solution, provide all variety of payments accepted in countries like Brazil, where our customers can customize their checkout experience based on location through which they significantly increase their revenues,” says Philipp Bock, CEO of allpago.

The SaaS-based UP eCommerce Payments solution provides payment providers, retailers and eCommerce companies rapid integration, global connections and high-tech real-time fraud prevention. It provides connectivity to more than 350 alternative payment methods and card acquirers in over 160 countries.

Latin America and payment facilitation are great places to be.