Author: Joe Bush

Strong Authentication? Unanimous, But Many Say EU Proposed Rules Risk Sacrificing Innovation And Growth

As the European Union nears the creation of new rules on payments providers for consumer authentication, many question their utility.

The European Banking Authority’s proposed rules say that service providers have to choose two of three verification methods: knowledge (such as a password), possession (a card, phone or wearable) and/or inherence (fingerprints, voice or iris scan, for example).

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Tipalti Acts Like A PF In More Ways Than Taking Payments

Tipalti does a lot of things a PF does, except take credit card payments.
The B2B accounts payable software service accepts six payment methods and does pre-payment checks against AML and OFAC lists and enables global payments, herding 26,000 payments rules and 120 currencies while streamlining supplier onboarding and providing everything but tax returns to its clients.

Tipalti just got $14 million in funding and chief marketing officer Rob Israch says accepting card payments is most likely in its future. It’s another example of a perfect candidate to become a PF, but Israch says because it uses so many partners to do what it does, when it offers card payments to suppliers, freelancers, etc., the facilitation would most likely be outsourced. The company helps pay approximately 750,000 suppliers and remits $2 billion annually.

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Podcast: MAC Regional Meeting Brings Together Hundreds Of Years Of Experience

In Dallas Sep. 27 the Merchant Acquirers Committee (MAC) hosts its Midwestern Regional Training meeting, one of its three regional gatherings packed with presentations and networking. Non MAC members are welcome to the all-day event that features seven sessions on topics presented by company executives from Visa, Mastercard, Rich Consulting, Mitigator, Kount, and Aperia.

Jim Bibles, vice president and chief compliance officer at Aperia and a MAC director, said in this week’s podcast that the day is capped by a roundtable moderated by himself and Rich Consulting president Deana Rich. They enable the audience to ask questions that most times are answered by someone in the room, either a moderator or audience member.

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Exploding Internet Access Plus Ubiquitous Smartphone Use Equals Digital Payments Boom

All the digital payments innovation will pay off in some crazy numbers soon, says a report from non-profit think tank The Demand Institute, which is run by Nielsen and The Conference Board.

That strengthens the future of PFs worldwide, as cashless payments could result in over $10 trillion in additional consumer spending over the next 10 years, the report says. That figure is hand in hand with the report’s assertion that by 2020, the Internet will be available to over 1.2 billion more people than use it today. Much of that access will be through smartphones.

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Podcast: M&A Expert Says PFs Have ‘Upside Potential’

Preston Todd Advisors is an advisory firm for companies who want to merge, acquire or sell, specifically in the payments sector. Adam T. Hark is a managing director and principal of the Boston-based company, and has much to say about the payment facilitator niche in this week’s edition of the podcast.

Hark says he thinks the traditional acquirer/ISO model is dead, and in its stead will be a model using new technologies enabling business management solutions and schemes. He says payment facilitation is not a ‘segment killer,’ replacing integrated POS or the traditional acquiring model.

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